Volume 7. No 1., 21.6.2000

Ragnar Granit Institute, P.O.Box 692, FIN-33101 Tampere, Finland
Editor: Jaakko Malmivuo,, ISSN: 1456-4343

Dynamic Adaptive Modelling of the Human Body - DynAMo

The Academy of Finland announced last autumn a research program "Mathematical Methods and Modeling in the Sciences - MaDaMe". Ragnar Granit Institute submitted an application for this program under the title Dynamic Adaptive Modeling of the Human Body - DynAMo. The size of the program totals 34.5 MFIM, equal to 5.8 MEuro. The program attracted 146 applications comprising a total of 300 MFIM. The application process was in two phases, the selection of the projects was made by an international evaluation group. Finally 14 proposals were selected for the program, one being the DynAMo-project for RGI.
The aim of the DynAMo project is to develop more accurate diagnostic and therapeutic method by modeling the electric and magnetic fields of the heart and brain as well as cardiac mechanics with more accurate dynamic and adaptive models. The size of the DynAMo project totals 2.8 MFIM (0.5 MEuro). RGI's share is 1.4 MFIM. The project will last three years from 2000 to 2003.
Professor Jaakko Malmivuo serves as Researcher in Charge and Dr. Jari Hyttinen as Coordinator.
The consortium also includes the Electronics Laboratory of Helsinki University of Technology, headed by Professor Raimo Sepponen and the Center for Scientific Computing, CSC, where the Researcher in Charge is Dr. Jari Järvinen. In Finland the DynAMo project also has partners from industry, the Datex-Ohmeda Corporation and Nokia. Tampere University Hospital is also as a partner.
The DynAMo project has a wide and very competitive group of international collaborators from other European countries as well as from the USA and Canada.
The first international Dynamo Symposium will be organized in connection with the World Congress on Biomedical Engineering in Chicago on Friday the 27th of July, 2000.
Because the DynAMo project is so international and has very open mode of operation, it has a site on the Internet, from where you can find more information.

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7th Ragnar Granit Symposium gathered 120 participants from 10 countries

The 7th Ragnar Granit Symposium - Electrocardiography in Ischemic Heart Disease, held on May 29-30 in Helsinki, was attended by 120 participants from 10 countries. In addition to the European Countries, participants were from USA and Venezuela.
The 2-day-program included 21 invited lectures given by international experts with the highest competence in the field.
An evening event "Evening of Art and Entertainment" was arranged in the Helsinki Art Gallery by the Datex-Ohmeda Division of the Instrumentarium Corporation.
The symposium was arranged by Ragnar Granit Institute in collaboration with the Finnish Cardiac Society, International Society for Bioelectromagnetism and Ragnar Granit Foundation. Dr. Rami Lehtinen served as the Chairman of the Organizing Committee and Prof. Jaakko Malmivuo as the Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Symposium.

Jaakko Malmivuo

Heikki Huikuri

Keijo Peuhkurinen

Victor Froelicher

Markku S. Nieminen

Paul Kligfield
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Arne Sippens Groenewegen

Rami Lehtinen

Juhani Airaksinen

Markku Mäkijärvi

Symposium audience

David Mortara and Antti Ritvos

Mitchell W. Krucoff

RGI personnell
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International course on
Medical Signal Processing

Professor Rangaraj M. Rangayyan from the University of Calgary, Canada, visited the Ragnar Granit Institute for the month of April. He lectured a course on Biomedical Signal Analysis. This course was part of the International Education Program in Biomedical Engineering. The course was based on the book which Dr. Rangayyan has recently authored.

Rangaraj M. Rangayyan

Dr. Ilkka Korhonen appointed Docent of Medical Informatics

Dr. Ilkka Korhonen from the State Technical Research Center, VTT, was appointed Docent of Medical Informatics/Processing of Biosignals on 1.2.2000. Docent Ilkka Korhonen has a long experience in processing and analyzing of various physiological signals. He will participate in the education and research of medical informatics at the RGI. He will annually lecture a course on Medical Signal Processing.

Ilkka Korhonen

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Dr Pasi Kauppinen appointed Laboratory Engineer/Researcher

Dr. Pasi Kauppinen was appointed the position of Laboratory Engineer/Researcher on 1.2.2000. In addition to the duties of the Laboratory Engineer, he serves as a researcher in the LaVita project, which is coordinated by Nokia and funded by TEKES. In this project the effect of electromagnetic radiation from the mobile telephones is investigated. He also continues bioimpedance research in DynAMo.

Pasi Kauppinen

Professor Hannu Eskola appointed Director of Digital Media Institute

Professor Hannu Eskola from the Ragnar Granit Institute is appointed Director of the Institute of Digital Media of Tampere University of Technology. He will start in this position on August 1st 2000.
Further information on the position of Professor of Medical Electronics at the RGI will be found from the RGI Info page at:

Hannu Eskola