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Grants Awarded by
the Ragnar Granit Foundation in 1995

The year 1995 was the first full operation year of the Ragnar Granit Foundation. During which time the Foundation awarded Research and publication grants to the sum of 170.000 FIM. It also supported the Ragnar Granit Institute by purchasing computers and other devices to the sum of 40.000 FIM.
This support was made possible by donations from the City of Tampere and the Helena and Aarne Humalisto Fund.


Archiater Risto Pelkonen Visited the RGI

Archiater Risto Pelkonen and his wife Kristiina visited Ragnar Granit Institute at the Biomedical Engineering Research Center on Monday the 19th of February. Because the Archiater is continuously much involved in medical research through several connections he was very interested in becoming acquainted in the research projects of the Institute.







Dr Martin Arthur serves as
Visiting Professor at the RGI

Dr Martin Arthur from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, serves as Visiting Professor at the Ragnar Granit Institute. He arrived in March and will stay until the end of June.
Dr. Arthur is Professor of Biomedical Computing at Washington University. His special competence is in modelling and analyzing cardiac electric fields. Thus his expertise well complements the research activities of the RGI.
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Evaluation of the Accomplishments of the RGI

The Ministry of Education asked Academy Professor Olli Lounasmaa to evaluate the educational and research activities of institutes in the Finnish universities operating in the field of mathematical and technical sciences. Professor Lounasmaa developed mathematical equations to calculate indexes to describe the accomplishments of the institutes in three areas: 1) basic education 2) doctoral education and 3) research. Characteristic to each of these indexes was that the accomplishments were divided by the financial resources the institute received directly from the university budget. All other funding was considered to be a consequence of the activity of the institute and was not included in the index. On the basis of the index a score from A (best) to E (worst) was given to each institute in each of these three areas. The evaluation was made on the basis of the accomplishments in the period 1992-94 and included about 100 institutes.
In this evaluation Ragnar Granit Institute reached good scores. When calculating correctly the accomplishments of the Institute on the basis of the equations developed by Professor Lounasmaa, RGI reaches in the basic education the category A, in doctoral education the category A and in research the category B or C. The achievement AAB or AAC is an accomplishment which indicates that the investments into the Ragnar Granit Institute generate good results.


RGI Enlarged its Space at
the Biomedical Engineering Research Center

Ragnar Granit Institute has now been one year at the Biomedical Engineering Research Center in the research building adjoining the Tampere University Central Hospital. RGI has occupied one third of the




1200 m2 total space of the Research Center rented by TUT. As known, the State Technical Research Center VTT has not occupied its alloted space. Two rooms of that space have now been reserved by professors Mikko Sams and Harry Frey from Tampere University.

Locating at the Research Center has been so beneficial for RGI that it has decided to rent the other three rooms of VTT comprising some 150 m2. Now all the space in the Research Center is in use and RGI has some 500 m2 for its own use. It is the purpose of the institute to establish a Multimodal Medical Imaging Laboratory and other research laboratories in this space. From the initiative of the RGI, the Digital Media Institute of TUT has expressed interest in starting temporarily some activities in this laboratory.
All these activities indicate that the Biomedical Engineering Research Center was a good investment and there are good reasons to believe that it will greatly activate the research work in this field in Tampere.


Doctoral Examination of Kari Mäkelä

Lich. Tech. Kari Mäkelä defended his doctoral thesis "Quantification and Calibration of Clinical Neurophysiological Studies of the Visual System" on Friday, the 22nd of March. As his examiners served Ph.D. Ari Pääkkönen from Kuopio University Hospital and Docent Anna-Maria Seppäläinen from Helsinki University Hospital.
The thesis was partially prepared at the Ragnar Granit Institute and partially at Helsinki, Tampere, and Seinäjoki hospitals.
Kari Mäkelä is the first to receive the degree of Doctor of Philosophy (instead of Doctor of Technology) from Tampere University of Technology, This new degree was made possible by the new law at TUT.

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