Volume 2. No 3. 27.12.1995

Ragnar Granit Institute, P.O.Box 692, FIN-33101 Tampere, Finland
Editor: Jaakko Malmivuo,, ISSN: 1456-4343

Helena and Aarne Humalisto Fund Established
at the Ragnar Granit Foundation

On the 9th of September Mrs Helena Humalisto made a notable donation to the Ragnar Granit Foundation to establish the Helena and Aarne Humalisto Fund.
The constitution of the fund declares that "its object is the promotion of basic and applied research, international education and other development in biomedical engineering and medicine at an international level".
The Ragnar Granit Foundation sincerely thanks its benefactor.

Printed Statement of Congratulation

The Ragnar Granit Foundation has produced a Printed Statement of Congratulation. It has a flower motif printed on its cover page and therefore it is also suitable for use as a printed form of condolence. The income from sales of the Printed Statement will be used to support the Ragnar Granit Foundation. For further information, please contact the secretary of the Ragnar Granit Institute.
(Ragnar Granit Säätiö on valmistanut kukka- aiheisen adressin, jota voidaan käyttää sekä onnitteluadressina että surunvalitteluadressina. Adressin myynnistä saadut varat käytetään Ragnar Granit Säätiön hyväksi. Adressia voi tilata Säätiön sihteeriltä Soile Lönnqvistiltä, puh. 931-316 2524.)

Board of Directors of
the Biomedical Engineering Research Center

The Board of Directors has been appointed for the Biomedical Engineering Research Center (locating at the same building with Finn-Medi). Professor Jaakko Malmivuo serves as the Chairman of the Board. The members of the board are:
Director Heimo Holli, TAUCH
Professor Arto Uusitalo, TAUCH
Professor Harry Frey, TAU
Professor Mikko Sams, TAU
Assoc.Prof. Hannu Eskola, RGI
Professor Jaakko Astola, TUT
Director Riitta Varpe, City of Tampere
Ms. Soile Lönnqvist serves as the Secretary of the Board.
It is the purpose of the Board to
- plan the research strategy of the Research Center
- develop the research facilities so that they are attractive to scientists and research groups
- select on the basis of applications the research projects which will be located in the Research Center
- commercialize the research results produced in the Research Center
- facilitate international co-operation
- develop the education program for scientists in biomedical engineering and medical physics
- plan the use of the Research Center premises (especially the premises reserved by VTT which are currently unused).

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10th NBC and 1st ICBEM

Arrangements for the 10th Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering and the 1st International Conference on Bioelectro magnetism are progressing well. The Secretariat has received some 550 reply cards expressing a considerable interest in the conferences. The www Home Page of the conference has been visited about 750 times. On this basis we expect some 500 - 600 active participants to attend the conferences.
The arrangements for the conference programs has proceeded well. At the moment we have some 30 organized sessions under development. About 10 invited speakers have already been appointed. One of them, Professor Ivar Giaever is a Nobel Laureate. He received the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1973.

Innovative Research Group - IRG Ltd

Scientists of the Ragnar Granit Institute have established a company whose name is: Innovative Research Group - IRG Ltd. It is the purpose of the company to "design, produce, import and sell medical electronic devices and information systems and to consult in this field".
The partners of the company are: Jaakko Malmivuo, Hannu Eskola, Juha Nousiainen, Jari Hyttinen, Rami Lehtinen and Veikko Suihko. Jaakko Malmivuo serves as the Chairman of the Board.
IRG will be to commercialize the innovations made at the Ragnar Granit Institute. The Biomedical Engineering Research Center now incorporates research activities of the engineers (RGI), physicians (TAUCH, TAU) and a commercial company, thus fulfilling the requirements of an interdisciplinary research and development center.

Studia Generalia Lecture Series

The Ragnar Granit Foundation will organize a series of Studia Generalia lectures. They will be given in the lecture hall of the Old Library House of Tampere.
In these lectures, experts from the Ragnar Granit Institute, Tampere University and Tampere University Hospital will describe the bioelectric phenomena of nerve and muscle cells in a popular form. By measuring these phenom ena, like the ECG generated by the heart and the EEG generated by the brain, we obtain important information about the function and health of these organs. In each lecture these phenomena will be explained by both a technical and a medical expert.

    Lecture 1, Tuesday 16.1.96, 18-20 o'clock
    Ragnar Granit, Finnish Nobel Prize Winner
    Introduction to bioelectric phenomena
    Professor Jaakko Malmivuo, RGI

    Lecture 2, Tuesday 23.1.96, 18-20 o'clock
    Our electric brain
    Associate Professor Hannu Eskola, RGI
    Professor Harry Frey, TAUCH

    Lecture 3, Thursday 1.2.96, 18-20 o'clock
    The electric heart
    Professor Jaakko Malmivuo, RGI
    Docent Kaj Groundstroem, TAUCH

    Lecture 4, Thursday 8.2.96, 18-20 o'clock
    Our electric senses
    Associate Professor Hannu Eskola, RGI
    Professor Mikko Sams, TAU

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