Volume 1. No 5. 26.10.1994
Ragnar Granit Institute, P.O.Box 692, FIN-33101 Tampere, Finland
Editor: Jaakko Malmivuo,, ISSN: 1456-4343

Associate Professor of Medical Electronics

The experts, Professors Robert Plonsey and Åke Öberg have given their statement on the applicants of the position of Associate Professor of Medical Electronics at the Ragnar Granit Institute. They divided the candidates to three categories, where the first category included the top three names whom they evaluated in more detail. The candidates in the categories two and three are listed in alphabetical order.
The experts stated, that the top three are in this order:
  • Hannu Eskola
  • Jukka Lekkala and
  • Juha Nousiainen.

Eskola and Lekkala were quite close to each other in their competence, Nousiainen being more behind, mainly because of his younger age.
The applicants evaluated to the category two are:
  • Ph.D. Jari Hyttinen
  • Ph.D. Harri Sievänen
  • Ph.D. Johannes Struijk
The applicants evaluated to the category three are:
  • Ph.D. Zbigniew Dunajski
  • Ph.D. Ants Meister
  • Lic.Tech. Petri Pommelin
  • Lic.Tech. Ilpo Reitmaa
  • Ph.D. Ping-Ya Zhao
  • Ph.D. Simon Walker
  • Lic.Techn. Maini Williams
  • Ph.D. Zhenyao Xu
  • Ph.D. Juha Ylitalo

(The Finnish applicant who wanted to remain anonymous was evaluated to the category three.)
The candidates have the opportunity to give their demonstration lecture to the Teaching and Education Council on 28th November. Hannu Eskola and Jukka Lekkala have announced that they will give the lecture.
Doc. Hannu Eskola is appointed as Acting Associate Professor since the 19th of Septem ber.

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The 10th Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering

Ragnar Granit Institute will host the 10th Nordic Meeting on Biomedical Engineering. Because of the changing political situation in the Northern Europe the conference will be called The 10th Nordic-Baltic Conference on Biomedical Engineering and additionally to the Nordic Countries the other countries boarding the Baltic Sea, namely Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Germany are invited to serve as primary participating countries.
The Ragnar Granit Institute has actively encouraged the Baltic States to establish national societies of biomedical engineering. All these countries have already established or decided to establish such. This will make it possible for them to participate the meeting with full rights.
Characteristic for this conference is that all its committees, i.e. the Advisory Committee, the Scientific Committee and the Organizing Committee have members from all the active participating countries and all over the World. In this way we emphasize the international character of the conference. Please find more information on the conference from the attached First Announcement.
Jaakko Malmivuo

International Graduate School in Bioelectromagnetism and Biomedical Engineering

To clarify the contents and purpose of the international education program it has been given the new name indicated in the title. This program will include also international intensive courses given by internationally recognized distinguished teachers. The first in this series will be given by Professor Robert Plonsey in 14.-16.11.1994 under the title: "Source-field Relationships for Excitable Tissue".
The intensive course consists of four 60 min lectures and a discussion each day. It is accompanied by a 100 page lecturing material prepared for this purpose.

3rd Ragnar Granit Symposium

The 3rd Ragnar Granit Symposium will be arranged on 17.-18.11.1995 under the title: "Modelling and Detection of the Electric and Magnetic Field of the Heart". Lecturers of this symposium will be both Finnish and interna tional well recognized scientists. The sympo sium is interdisciplinary and is intended for both engineers and physicians.

Assistant of Biomedical Engineering

Lic.Tech. Jari Hyttinen has been appointed to the post of Assistant of Biomedical Engineer ing for a term of five years starting on 1.7.1994.

Doctoral Examination of Jari Hyttinen

Lic.Techn. Jari Hyttinen will defend his doctoral thesis on Saturday, the 19th of November. The title of his thesis is: "Development of Regional Aimed ECG Leads Especially for Myocardial Ischemia Diag nosis". The examiners of his thesis will be professors Robert Plonsey and Adriaan van Oosterom.

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