Volume 1. No 1. 23.03.1994
Ragnar Granit Institute, P.O.Box 692, FIN-33101 Tampere, Finland
Editor: Jaakko Malmivuo,, ISSN: 1456-4343

The Ragnar Granit Institute News

This is the first issue of The Ragnar Granit Institute News. The personnel of our institute has grown so large, that it is no longer easy to inform everyone of important things during coffee-breaks. Therefore, as we discussed a few days ago, it is necessary to establish a newsletter.
The Ragnar Granit Institute News will be published weekly on Wednesday, provided that there is something to announce to its readers, good principle which perhaps the daily newspa pers should also follow. The News will be delivered to each room of our Institute. It will also be sent outside our institute to persons and institutions whom we wish to inform of our achievements. We will be glad to send the Ragnar Granit Institute News to anyone who is interested in knowing what happens at the Institute. Sometimes we will produce a special issue which will have a wider distribution.
I will serve as the Editor in Chief for the News. Anyone willing to inform the personnel of the Institute and other readers of the News on something official, or of more or less importance, please leave the material with Soile no later than Monday. She will enter it in the next issue of the News.
I hope that our new newsletter will be welcomed by all!

Jaakko Malmivuo

Establishment of The Ragnar Granit Foundation

The Ragnar Granit Foundation has been established on the initiative of the Ragnar Granit Institute to promote bioelectromagnetism and biomedical engineering at an international level. As founder members of the Ragnar Granit Foundation serve the institutions, where the Finnish-born Nobel Laureate, professor Ragnar Granit (1900 - 1991) pursued research, or which in some other way are closely connected to his life-work. These are:
  • the University of Helsinki, where he studied medicine, pursued research and served as a Professor of Physiology from 1937 to 1940,
  • the Academy of Finland, which awarded him the honorary degree of Academician in 1985,
  • the Nobelinstitute for Neurophysiology at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, where he served as Professor of Neurophysiol ogy from 1940 to 1967,
  • the Oxford University, where he conducted research in 1928 and 1932 - 1933,
  • the University of Pennsylvania, where he served as "fellow in medical physics" from 1929 to 1932.

    In addition to the aforementioned, the Finnish Ministry of Education has made a donation to the founding capital of the Foundation.

    It is the purpose of the Foundation to promote at an international level, basic and applied research, international education, and other development of bioelectromagnetism and biomedical engineering. To realize its purpose the Ragnar Granit Foundation supports The Ragnar Granit Institute and awards grants to Finnish and international scientists and research institutes conducting research and development within the field of the Foundation. The Founda tion also publishes scientific publications and it supports financially scientific publishing of other institutions and persons.
    The establishment of the Ragnar Granit Foundation is a very important stepforward in the development of the education and research of bioelectromagnetism on an international level. It also provides the Ragnar Granit Institute with a new instrument for realizing its purpose.
    The fact that the founder members of the Ragnar Granit Foundation are internationally renowned institutions is an indication of the high respect that Ragnar Granit has in the interna tional scientific community. It is our great honour to conduct our research in his name.

    Jaakko Malmivuo

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    New personnel: Mr. Ni Jian from China

    On Thursday, the 17th Mr. Ni Jian arrived at our Institute. He comes from Tsinghua University, Beijing. I met him last August when I visited the 2nd Far Eastern Conference on Biomedical Engineering at Beijing. He was recommended by professor Yang Fusheng.
    Mr Ni Jian has the degree of M.Sc. from Tsinghua University. At RGI Mr Ni will study for the degree of PhD.
    We wish Mr. Ni welcome to RGI!

    Chengguo Zheng receives Diploma Engineer degree

    Mr Chengguo Zheng arrived at RGI in March 1992. During the past two years he studied in our international program. He made his diploma thesis under the guidance of Jukka Lekkala on the subject: "Measurement of Triglyserides in Human Serum using the OptimateTM Automated Fluorometer and Photometer". This thesis and his degree of Diploma Engineer were accepted by the De partment on 16.3.94. Chengguo is the first international student in our International Uni versity Program who has received the degree of Diploma Engineer. He will receive his Diploma from the Rector at the ceremony on Friday, the 25th at 14.15.
    Congratulations to Chengguo!

    Annual meeting of The Finnish Society for
    Medical Physics and Medical Engineering

    The Society has its annual meeting in Turku on Thursday, 24th of March. The themes of the meeting are analysator technology of chlinical chemistry and new cardiological imaging methods. Sakari Oja from our Institute gives there a presentation on the Diagnostic Performance of MCG. More information from the secretary.
    Jari Hyttinen

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