Ragnar Granit Institute

Education in nutshell:

This page demonstrates some of the education projects of the RGI.

    From the Bioelectromagnetism page you find some interesting references to the education of the Ragnar Granit Institute on Bioelectromagnetism.


    Ragnar Granit Institute is responsible in generating and maintaining the European Virtual Campus on Biomedical Engineering, EVICAB. It is a free-access education portal on the Internet. It offers a full program in Biomedical Engineering.
    EVICAB is visited by students and teachers fom all over the world.
    EVICAB portal offers also an Internet tool for arranging examinations anywhere in the world.

    Education in Bioelectromagnetism

    Ragnar Granit Institute also offers education in Bioelectromagnetism. Information on this education is available in detail from the Bioelectromagnetism-portal at www.bem.fi