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8th Ragnar Granit Symposium
1st CSC Scientific Meeting

Cardiovascular Hemodynamics

from Modeling to Clinical Applications

September 13-14, 2001
Helsinki, Finland

LordHotel, Lönnrotinkatu 29

Virtual surgery and virtual patient are emerging tools formed by recent development in medical imaging, measurement of physiological signals and computational modeling. New modalities in magnetic resonance and ultrasound imaging provide fundamental information on the anatomy and dynamics of the cardiovascular system. These are the key elements in constructing models of this complex system. The new possibilities to model blood flow and the hemodynamic control system provide novel clinical information by combining the measured data, physical phenomena and computational tools. These tools help to develop better measurement methods of the key cardiovascular functions such as the cardiac output.
The goal of the symposium is to bring together clinicians, modelers, and persons working in medical imaging. The emphasis is on the present and emerging clinical applications of modeling and on new possibilities for measuring cardiovascular functions. The symposium is closely connected to the research of the international research program DynAMo.


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