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Invitation and Program


Modelling and Detection of the
Electric and Magnetic Fields of the Heart

Tampere 17.-18.11.1994

    Symposium program:

    Historical review
    Prof. Robert Plonsey, Duke University: Biomedical Engineering Contributions to Cardiac Electrophysiology Modelling the Thorax as a Volume Conductor
    Prof. Adriaan van Oosterom, University of Nijmegen: Body Surface Mapping - An Overview
    Ph.D. Jari Hyttinen, Ragnar Granit Institute: Sensitivity Properties of the ECG Leads: Detection and Utilization
    Ph.D. Jukka Nenonen, Helsinki University of Technology: Thorax Computer Modelling in Magnetocardiography

    Prof. Adriaan van Oosterom, University of Nijmegen: Source Modelling of Biomagnetic Signals
    M.Sc. Juha Montonen, Helsinki University of Technology: Magnetocardiography in the Detection of Vulnerability to Cardiac Arrhythmia
    Prof. Jaakko Malmivuo, Ragnar Granit Institute: Magnetocardiography as a Clinical Diagnostic Method
    M.D. Sakari Oja, Ragnar Granit Institute: Diagnostic Performance of Vector Electromagnetocardiography

    Prof. Adriaan van Oosterom, University of Nijmegen: The Surface Laplacian in Electrocardiography

    Cardiac Arrhythmia Detection
    Docent Heikki Huikuri, Oulu University Central Hospital: Holter Monitoring in Predicting the Arrhythmic Risk
    Docent Lauri Toivonen, Helsinki University Central Hospital: Clinical Electrophysiological Study
    Ph.D. Juha Nousiainen, Ragnar Granit Institute: Computer Analysis System of Cardiac Elec trophysiological Signals

    Ischemic Heart Disease Diagnosis
    Docent Kari Antila, Turku University Central Hospital: Clinical Exercise ECG Test
    Lic.Tech. Rami Lehtinen, Ragnar Granit Institute: Efficient Computer Analysis of the Exercise ECG

    Discussion on the Future of Electro- and Magnetocardiography
    Prof. Jaakko Malmivuo, Prof. Adriaan van Oosterom, Prof. Robert Plonsey